Month: February 2013

Tips on Applying for SSI for Your Special Needs Child

Welcome to Molly Clarke, who is visiting Mommy Masters from the Social Security Disability Help Blog.  She brings us tips for applying for Supplemental Security Income for parents of children with special needs. ____________________________________________________ Parents of children with special needs must overcome many obstacles that most parents won’t ever experience. Applying for Supplemental Security Income …

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A Gift

There is nothing more heartbreaking than witnessing a small child being humiliated, mistreated and hit in public by his mother.  No child, no matter what he has done, deserves to be disrespected and hurt, both physically and emotionally by someone who is supposed to protect him.  This is not the first time I have witnessed …

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February Mommy Master

Congratulations to the February Mommy Master, Muria Nisbett.  She is a true inspiration and is helping mothers and daughters bond and communicate about important topics.  Read more about Muria and learn about her clever business below.  She is definitely a Mommy Master and is helping other moms master motherhood as well!    ____________________________________________ “Like most …

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