Brand Ambassador

As an influencer, Ellie Hirsch is highly sought out by businesses and brands for her creativity, knowledge of and connections to the parenting community.

As Brand Ambassador to multiple companies, Ellie helps bring awareness to various products and campaigns, often creating multi-media packages and developing unique opportunities to gain exposure.

Mommy Masters also creates, promotes and sponsors fun and unique events for the Tampa Bay parenting community and beyond.

Ellie was handpicked by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Football team to join their Bucs Squad Leadership programing, assisting in developing youth programming.

Ellie, whose popularity has grown rapidly, is often quoted in national parenting publications for her expertise. She is viewed as a trusted global resource who understands the needs and wants of parents. Ellie is relatable, realistic, inspirational, humorous and leads by example.


Ellie Hirsch is available for workshops, speaking engagements, personal appearances, consultations, coaching, freelance writing, television appearances, music performances, and more.

Please e-mail INFO@MOMMYMASTERS.COM or call 917-225-0101 with your request.

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