Mommy Master of the Month

Meet the May Mommy Master:

Congratulations to Nicolle Jones, this month’s Mommy Master.  To say Nicolle is an inspiration to us all would be an understatement.  She gives confidence to our youth, let’s them know they are valued and creates ways for the community to get involved.  Wow! [su_divider top=”no”] Made Wonderfully Inc. is a faith based 501c(3) nonprofit whose mission …

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Meet the January Mommy Master

Congratulations to the first Mommy Master of 2016, Lily Bock.  I LOVE the concept behind the business Lily started, turning party favors into an opportunity to give back.  I am especially excited to showcase her concept since it is very much in line with my own beliefs, especially about goody bags.  If you recall, I recently wrote two …

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Meet the November Mommy Master:

Congratulations to Renee Stawicki, this month’s Mommy Master, who does it all.  She started her own small business with her family and homeschools her two children, teaching them valuable lessons she is proud of.  Renee is definitely an inspiration to us all!  Read below and learn more: [su_divider top=”no”] Hello! My name is Renee Stawicki, and …

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Meet the October Mommy Master and Get Inspired:

Congratulations to Tanya Thibodeau, this month’s Mommy Master!  Tanya recently created her blog, Seeme and Liz, to inspire parents and educators to encourage a child’s language and learning through play. [su_divider top=”no”] My name is Tanya and I am mom to Ava (8) and James (6) and wife to Kelly (he probably wouldn’t appreciate me …

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Meet the September 2015 Mommy Master:

Congratulations to Mia Carr, The September Mommy Master.  As moms, we wish we could sometimes clone ourselves and Mia is helping to do just that!  Read about her journey to create a product parents are loving: [su_divider top=”no”]  My name is Mia Carr, co-owner of Simply Mommy LLC and co- creator of the Snuggle Me: …

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Meet the March Mommy Master

  Congratulations to Ashley Denk, this month’s Mommy Master.  I met Ashley last year at The Mother of All Baby Showers event in Tampa, where she was a vendor.  I was immediately drawn to her table because her nursery decor and accessories were so unique and beautiful.  She is a true Mommy Master because she turned her passion …

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