The “Music is Magical” album is a prestigious Parents’ Choice Award winner and continues to get rave reviews. Join Ellie as she rhymes, raps and reggaes through her 18 track CD, a wonderful way to reach and teach children.

When Ellie was in first grade, she sold her poems on the playground for ten cents each, excited to come home with a dollar in her pocket. Ever since, she has been writing and singing, and is proud to bring you the amazing children’s songs she has created. Her own children have been her inspiration, as well as her biggest fans.

Ellie has built relationships with parents all over the world who have expressed a need for music that is fresh and easy for their children to learn and have fun with. As a solution, Ellie creates songs that are unique, catchy, entertaining and educational, helping parents and children bond, while enjoying their time together.

From potty training to manners to the first day of school, Ellie’s songs touch upon important subject matter that families experience every day.

Not only will children get hooked, but parents will also be able to enjoy the multiple genres, along with the current beats and fun rhythms of Ellie’s music.

Ellie loves performing at schools and various functions as well as teaching music workshops to both students and teachers

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